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3 ninjas kick back
16 tiles mahjong
688 attack sub
777 casino
Aaahh! Real Monsters
Aah! Harimanada
Action 52 in 1
Addams family, the
Addams family values
Advanced Daisenryaku
Aero blasters
Aero the acrobat
Aero the acrobat 2
Aerobiz supersonic
Afterburner 2
Air buster
Air diver
Air manager
Air manager 2
Akumajo Dracula - vampire killer
Aleste - full metal fighter ellinor
Alex Kidd in the enchanted castle
Alien 3
Alien soldier
Alien storm
Alisia dragoon
Altered beast
Ambition of Caesar
Ambition of Caesar 2
American gladiators
Andre Agassi tennis
Another world
Aoki Gentyouhishi
Aq renkan awa
Aquatic games, the
Arch rivals
Arcus odyssey
Ariel - Disney's the little mermaid
Arnold Palmer tournament golf
Arrow flash
Art alive!
Art of fighting
Assault suits leynoss
Asterix and the great rescue
Asterix and the power of the gods
Atomic robo kid
Atomic runner
ATP tour championship tennis
Australian rugby league
Awesome possum
AWS Pro Moves soccer
Ayrton Senna's super Monaco gp 2
Baby's day out (beta)
Back to the future 3
Bad omen
Bahamut bahant senki
Ball jacks
Barbie super model
Barbie vacation adventure
Bare knuckle
Bare knuckle 2
Bare knukle 3
Barkley shut up and Jam
Barkley shut up and Jam 2
Bart Simpson versus the space mutants
Bart's nightmare
Barney's hide and seek
Bass masters classic pro edition
Bass masters classics
Battle frenzy
Batman and Robin
Batman forever
Batman - revenge of the Joker
Batman returns
Battle golfer Yui
Battle mania
Battle mania 2 - ts vintage
Battle squadron
Battletoads and double dragon
Beast warrior
Beast wrestler
Beauty and the beast
Belle's quest
Beyond oasis
Beauty and the beast - roar of the beast
Beavis and Butt-head
Berenstain bears, the camping adventure
Best of the best
Bible adventures
Bill walsh College football
Bill walsh college football 95
Bimini run
Bio-hazard battle
Bioship paladin
Blades of vengence
Blaster master 2
Block out
Blue almanac
Bonanza brother
Body count
Boogie woogie bowling
Boxing legends of the ring
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Barver battle saga - the space fighter
Breath of fire 3
Brett Hull hockey 95
Brian Lara cricket
Brian Lara cricket 96
Brutal - paws of fury
Bubble and squeek
Bubsy 2
Buck rodgers - countdown to doomsday
Budokan - the martial spirit
Bugs Bunny in double trouble
Bulls vs Blazers and the NBA playoffs
Bulls vs Lakers
Burning force
Сaesars palace
Сaliber fifty
California games
Сaptain America and the avengers
Cannon fodder
Chuck rock 2
Comix zone
Сontra hard corps
Cool spot
Сutthroat island
Daffy Duck in Hollywood
Demolition man
Desert demolition
Desert strike - return to the gulf
Dick Tracy
Donald Duck in maui mallard
Doom troopers - the mutant chronicles
Duke Nukem 3d
Dune 2

Earthworm Jim
Earthworm Jim 2
Ecco-the tides of time
Escape from Mars starring Taz
Evander Holyfield's real deal boxing
El viento
Elemental master
ESPN national league hockey night
Eternal champions
European club soccer
Earnest Evans
FIFA soccer 97
F1 world championship
Fatal fury
Final zone
Fire mustang
Forgotten worlds
Fun car rally
Fun 'n' games
Gadget twins
Garfield-caught in the act
Gauntlet 4
General Chaos
Generations lost
Genghis khan 2
Ghost hunter
G-loc air battle
Golden axe 2
Golden axe 3
Goofy's hysterical history tour
Greatest heavyweights of the ring
Greendog-the beached surfer dude
Grind stormer
Head-on soccer
Haunting, the
Hard drivin
Hard wired
Hard ball
Hard ball 3
Hard ball 94
Hard ball 95
Heavy nova
Heavy unit
Herzog zwei
Hight school soccer
Hight seas havoc
Hit the ice
Hocuto no Ken 2
Home alone
Home alone 2
Hybrid front
Hyokkori Hyoutanjima
Huper dunk
Incredible Hulk, the
International superstar soccer deluxe
James Bond: the duel
Judge Dredd: the movie
Jungle book, the
Jungle strike
Jurassic park
Jurassic park: rampage edition
Jurassic park 3: the lost world
Kawasaki superbike challenge
Lethal enforcers: gun fighter
Lethal enforcers 2: gun fighter
Lost vikings, the
Mega lo mania
Micro machines
Micro machines 2-turbo tournament
Micro machines military-it's a blast!
Mortal kombat 3
Mortal kombat 3: ultimate
Mutant league football
Mutant league hockey
NHL 98
Out of this world
Omega race
Outrun 2019
Paperboy 2
Pirates! Gold
Pirates of dark water, the
Pitfall-the mayan adventure
Populous 2:wrath of the gods
Primal rage
Prince of Persia
Psycho pinball
Pro moves soccer
Quack shot starring Donald duck Rambo III
Ren and Stimpy's invention
Road rash 3
Robocop vs the terminator
Rock n'roll racing
Scooby Doo mystery
Simpsons, the-Bart vs the space mutants
Simpsons, the-Bart's nightmare
Simpsons, the-virtual Bart
Sonic 3d blast
Sonic the hedgehog 2
Sonic the hedgehog 3
Spiderman and Venom-maximum Сarnage
Spiderman vs kingpin
Street of rage
Street of rage 2
Street of rage 3
Super baseball 2020
Super battle tank-war in the gulf
Super battleship
Super skidmarks
Sylvester and Tweety in cagey capers
Target earth
Teenage mutant ninja turtles-return of the Shredder
Teenage mutant ninja turtles - the hyper stone heist
Theme park
The story of the thor
Tiny toon adventures-acme all stars
Tiny toons-buster's hidden treasure
Toejam & Earl in panic on funkotron
Tom and Jerry-frantic antics
Tournament golf
Toy story
True lies
Tyrants-fight through time
Ultimate mortal kombat 3
Urban strike
Vampire killer
Vectorman 2
Virtual Bart
Warrior of Rome
Warrior of Rome 2
WWF wrestlemania: the arcade game
Yogi bear
Zero the kamikaze squirrel
Zero tolerance
Zombies ate my neighbors


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